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dr.com Dinner at Sichuan Jin River, Sunday March 1 at 5PM


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Dinner at Sichuan Jin River March 1, 5:30 pm. 

I will talk to them about dishes that can only be had via pre order. I will set up cold dishes to start. If there is energy for it, I can curate the menu for the entire dinner if there is energy for it. 

We have room in our car for those coming from Annandale convenient folk. 

1. Dean & Kay

4. Eric & Steve

5. Pras

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8 hours ago, pras said:

We actually met at a DR lunch at Panda Gourmet years ago!  Sorry I am not so interesting.  Ha ha, look forward to meeting you again.

I don't remember a lunch but I am senile. The best part of senility is waking up next to a new woman every day!

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