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Carrot Greens


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Received an unexpectedly complete food order this morning from WF which included a large bunch of organic carrots with tons of greens. I have never cooked with them but wonder if anyone has a good recipe .


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22 minutes ago, sandynva said:

I don’t have a recipe but I know lots of people make pesto with them. 

I have heard this allegation but I have no experimental evidence in support of the hypothesis. The hypothesis that they are good in soups has not been supported either.

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8 hours ago, deangold said:

For Passover soup, I never use parsnips. Other times I do. This year I have chicken glace in the freezer.

Lucky you! I’m wondering why you leave out parsnips for Passover and do you think adding a sweet potato instead would be a good replacement or just leave as is?

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"Why no parsnips" is because my family circle never used parsnips in their Passover chicken soup. 

I'd leave sweet potato out or try a turnip instead. Large purple top turnips would work best. Or Jicama. Jicama is soups is pretty wonderful but it takes a long ttime to lose its crunch.

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