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DC Ramen....places open for dine in (outside seating) now?

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Does anyone know if there are any Ramen places in DC that are open and serving food on site?  I've been looking at websites of ramen and non-ramen places and I'm shocked at how little information on dining status is presented on most of them.  Instead of a clear message like, "Closed for indoor dining, but we have patio seating with heaters" most of the sites I've looked at force you to try to guess what they offer or make an assumption.

Anyhow, if one is craving a bowl of hot soup on a cold day and wants to eat on site, are there any options?


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Thanks ERE!!!   I actually had that tab open on my computer from yesterday, but I somehow missed the popup message on the initial page, and that sort of makes my case from above.  If you navigated to their menu page without hitting the main page first, you'd have no idea that they were serving on site.  

Anyhow, thanks for the tip!!

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