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Any suggestions? And @DonRocksif this is the wrong location for this, please relocate. Im heading on a well overdue vacation during the 4th of July weekend in Wildwood. Would love any recs! Thank you in advance😌

I will add I do have a resy at Cafe Loren, but not much else planned. 

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Cape May is just down the road and although I haven't eaten there in years, I'd highly recommend Louisa's.  They do a lot of fresh and local meals with a lot of vegetarian and fish options.  Last time I was there, they were a bring your own alcohol type of place which helps keep your costs down.  They also seem to be much better priced and much less stuffy than a lot of the Cape May options.

If you're into birds or nature, the Cape May Bird Observatory holds bird and nature walks every day.  Most are down around Cape May Point but they also do them up in Avalon and other places in the area.  There's a small fee for the walks, but it's worth it.  The leaders know EVERYTHING about every bird, bug, mammal, plant, etc in the area.  Even if you have no interest in nature, I think it would be damn near impossible to not enjoy one of their walks.  Bring binoculars or call to see if they have loaners (they used to, but they stopped when Covid first came along)   https://njaudubon.org/calendar/category/cape-may-bird-observatorys-northwood-center/2022-07/?tribe_events_cat=cape-may-bird-observatorys-northwood-center&tribe-bar-date=2022-07

If you're looking for other options, Cape May has a ton of events and festivals that happen every week.

Sorry for the lack of Wildwood info!!

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Cape May Dining at the Ebbitt Room 

So this is where I landed while staying in Wildwood Crest. They weren’t many quiet, fine dining options in Wildwood, but I managed to hit dining gold at the Virginia Hotel in Cape May. Exquisite. The service & backdrop were exactly what I had hoped for in every respect. For dessert, I skipped over to Peace Pie for a sweet ending. OMG, i wanted one of every flavor. 

Rounded out my culinary venture with a stop at Hot Dog Tommy’s. A hot dog for breakfast should totally be a new trend. These were tasty. All in all my stay in Jersey was satisfying. Delish! 



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