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Bar Spero

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We dined here this past October with friends and were able to sample a lot of the menu. We enjoyed it, but I found it overpriced for the whole experience. I am not saying I would not go back, I'd give it another go for sure, but I'm not in a rush to do so.

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Had a great dinner here on Friday night.  We ordered:

Oysters with a tomato mignonette

Hiramasa crudo with a strawberry vinaigrette

Roasted potato with chicken and pork cracklings and a seaweed butter

Hamachi collar with sesame gpchuchang mole

Jonah crab rice

Basque cheesecake ice cream

Spanish French Toast( torrejas?)

Total: $300 for two -- gratuity is included

I have seen posts about the price and portions and I have to say-- we were absolutely stuffed after desert.

The cooked food was very rich.  It's important to balance it with fresh/cold appetizer selections.  The only bust was the Hiramasa crudo-- the sauce had an off taste that was not described well in the menu.  The rest of the food was delicious.  Standouts were then hamachi collar and the oysters.  The Jonah crab rice was delicious but reaaally rich.  It was clear that there was a lot of work going into each dish-- felt the price was fair.

I would definitely go back once the menu changes.  



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