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Firehouse Subs

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From the Washington Business News: "Firehouse Subs plans to open 67 locations in the Washington area over the next decade, resulting in hundreds of new jobs, if not more. Currently, the closest Firehouse Subs location is in Fredericksburg. The Jacksonville, Fla.-based company... has 260 fast-casual restaurants that specialize in hot subs in a firefighter-themed setting.

In the Washington region, Firehouse Subs looks to open 30 to 40 franchises in the next five years and nearly 70 locations within 10 years...

One restaurant in Alexandria that will also serve as a training facility is expected to open in early April."

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Quiznos, Potbelly, Subway, Firehouse.....where is the White House when we need it?

For those who don't know the absolute best subs on the face of the earth are in Atlantic City at Mississippi and Arctic at the White House. Down the street from the White House is the Atlantic City bakery where the 70 year old baker in his "wifebeater" T shirt ((naked bulb hanging from the ceiling and a "menu" that features sub rolls and "dough") bakes sub rolls which are delivered hot hourly to the landmark sub shop nearby.

I just don't think of Jacksonville, FL when I think of subs. And, with all due respect to Potbelly, Illinois (or more specifically Chicago) is known for Italian beef like Johnny's on West North Avenue in Melrose Park. Potbelly would elicit a few laughs to someone in line there.

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As a Jacksonville resident for the last 25 years and someone who has seen the franchise grow from one store to what it is now, I would say.......Theme A Price B Food C+. Not bad if you like your subs steamed and mushy. Subway is better and another original Jacksonville sub franchise named Larrys Giant Subs which has also expanded rapidly over the last 20 years is better quality according to most. Good luck and happy subbing! NiceDocter :lol:

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