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Other Critics Besides Sietsema and Kliman


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Having just mentioned the fact that Sietsema and Kliman read this board in the half-off Galileo thread, I started to ponder -- What's the restaurant/food situation at the Times? I can't say that I ever read the Times. Anyone out there more familiar? Is it even worth going through the web site to check out what they have?

Building on that, and given my general disdain for the cheerleading reviews in Washingtonian, I began thinking -- Is there anyone else out there worth reading?

I enjoy Eve Zibart's pieces in the Weekend section when they show up.

The Gazette (suburban free weekly) occasionally turns up a good local neighborhood ethnic place, but I don't trust their reviewers any further than I could throw my new mega-size Montgomery County paper recycling bin -- fully loaded.

Are there any other DC resources out there wandering through the wilderness that I'm not aware of? Am I like Capt. Kirk in the Undiscovered Country or have we explored everything?

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I just spent 20 wretched minutes reading the Examiner's restaurant "reviews" and was overwhelmingly appalled at the level of understanding of food that was shown. Prime example: "kimchi is Korean pickle" from a review of Woo Lae Oak titled "Woo Hoo". No, I'm not making that up.

Am I the only person who thinks this is more of a joke than a restaurant review?

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