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Kinkead's vs. Colvin Run Tavern


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I went to lunch at Colvin's close to a year ago and thought it was outstanding. Unfortunately, it was long enough ago that I forget what I ate. Maybe it was that flight of wine that I had with lunch. :o I do remember that the service was excellent. The only minor dissappointment was that the dessert cheeseplate had probably the thinnest slivers of cheese I have ever been served.

I went to Kinkead's for lunch about 6 months or so ago. The skate main course was top notch. The tomato based soup I had for an appetizer had a small clump of hair in it that I did not find until I was almost finished with the soup.

Overall, I more fondly remember my Colvin's experience.

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Definitely Kinkead's. The wife and I went to Colvin Run on Saturday night and although the food was adequate, it still left us somewhat disappointed and expecting more. The service also left something to be desired. I feel as if Kinkead's is never a letdown.

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