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Pic-kools, anyone?


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Do junk food fads, like killer bees and fire ants, move from south to north? :blink:


I might prefer to sit on a fire ant mound dropping boiled peanuts into an RC Cola bottle over ingesting one of those pickles. An even more ghastly thought is how one of those pic-Kools might be deconstructed at Minibar. May the fad rest in peace quickly.
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I could see how on a hot, summer day a chilled Kool-Aid pickle would hit the spot. It's got that sweet/tangy/savory thing going for it (although I would probably prefer less sugar than the regular recipes call for). This, on the other hand, gets a big :blink: from me:

“I like it the same as dipping hot Cheetos in ice cream.”

I'm still trying to wrap my head around hot Cheetos ...

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Having eaten alot of Koolickles over the years (many of them with the brave explorer who wrote the piece) I can safely say that pickles and Kool-Aid are a snackfood that are alot more interesting to read about than they are to eat. They have gotten to be kind of ubiquitous in the Delta in the last few years or so. They are on virtually every zippy mart counter between Vicksburg and Memphis.

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