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Bill Bateman's Bistro, A Baltimore Chain

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They have a Cuban burger at this place. That means all the stuff from a Cuban - ham, pork, mustard, pickles and cheese on top of a hamburger. This thing is simply out of control, and pretty good.

They also have the ubiquitous crab pretzel (ubiquitous in Baltimore that is), which is a pretzel covered with crab dip and a layer of cheese.

But most worth mentioning, some of my favorite wings ever. They have a number of different flavors, but my experiences have always been good, despite not sticking only to the classic butter and hot sauce formula. Fried nice and crisp and given a nice roll in really good sauce. Garlic is excellent, and the hell wings are great and always do the appropriate number on my stomach.

Ribs are also great here. A classic B-more Sunday afternoon/night is sitting at home with styrofoam containers of Bateman's wings and ribs, and watching the Ravens.

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