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Kyma, Greek Mezze and Spanish Tapas at 69 West Street in Downtown Annapolis - Closed

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I've also recently been to Kyma, mentioned above. Beautiful decor but sailors will notice a major oops! in one of their wall art installations--everyone I know who sails and has been there has mentioned it to me. Food was great, simple, yummy, and the service wonderful. No complaints---didn't have my socks knocked off, but it was very good. No mini crab-cakes on the menu (that I recall anyway).

I tried Kyma yesterday evening for a light dinner and came away feeling - meh - another corporate concept restaurant. Think a very small Zaytynia without the zing (same architectural designers, the executive chef came by way of of Jaleo in Crystal City) - exposed brick walls, minimalist furniture and decor, open kitchen with wood burning oven. The place bills itself as a Greek mezze and Spanish tapas place. All menu items are color coded: yellow for Spanish, blue for Greek. We tried a couple of their "pizzas" - the pide "Athena" with Greek meatballs in a tomato and eggplant sauce with feta, and the cocas "Catalana" - roasted red peppers, caramelized onions and goat cheese. Both come on a long narrow piece of flatbread - tucked up in the corners for the Greek pizza. At $6.00 each, these were tasty and well executed. We also tried a couple of meat tapas: montado de lomo- marinated pork loin smothered in roasted piquillo peppers on a large toasted roll, and the pothi arnou - lamb shank morsels with eggplant puree and rosemary glaze in a baking ramekin. Neither one wowed us as the meat had very little flavor, the pork was tough, but the eggplant puree was nice. As with so many of these concept places, I'd wager that there was nobody in the kitchen last night who was either Greek or Spanish. I won't go out of my way to go back, but I'll probably try it again to try some of the other tapas. A couple of heads up notes: if you want some bread to sop up any sauces, it costs $5, and a soda will set you back $3.50.

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The older section of our Baltimore Forum has fallen terribly out of date, but 'better late than never,' I always say, wrong more often than not.

Kyma closed many years ago, and is now Level, a small plates lounge, which opened in 2010.

[i keep hoping, cough cough cough, that some Baltimore residents will become active. I have vested far too many years in Baltimore, for far too little in return. Is it really that hard to find *one* good person?]

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