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Has anyone seen Romanesco at a local grocery store? I tried the Whole Foods Alexandria today but didn't have any luck. We had romanesco at Dino a while back and were fascinated by the shape.

The only place I have seen it is at a little market near my house called the Grosvenor Market(it is on the Bethesda/Rockville border). It on the ground level of a high rise apartment. Their website is www.grosvenormarket.com

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Twin Springs sells it from time to time, but I'm not sure if it's something they produce since I've only seen Eddie bring it to the parking lot of the church on the corner of Cathedral & Woodley on Saturday mornings.

You also might try contacting New Morning (cf. farmers' markets subforum) since either my memory or imagination places it at their Tuesday market at the Sheridan School.

Might have seen it at Dupont Circle on a Sunday morning, too.

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Believe it or not, the new Magruder's in Kemp Mill has it! The Giant closed in Sept, and Magruder's just opened last Wednesday. It was probably one of Giant's smallest stores, but Magruder's has managed to pack in a lot of produce. You can always ask your local grocer if they can get it in for you as well. While I'm not sure how successful that will be at a WFM, I'm sure there are other local groceries where it would be worth your while to inquire.

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