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1989 Chateau Lynch-Bages Pauillac


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A philosophical question...I have two bottles of the '89 Lynch Bages Pauillac. We plan to host the couple who gave it to me on its release years ago. :blink: If you were me (terrible to contemplate, I know) would you cook a meal to go with it, or would you bring it to a restaurant? Where would you go?

(We might be drinking a '90 Taittinger to start, also a gift from these friends.)

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I haven't had this in a couple of years, but here are my thoughts: Have it at home. Stand it up for a minimum of two weeks so any fine sediment drops to the bottom (I swear everyone in the world but me underestimates the importance of this). Decant carefully one hour before drinking it - there shouldn't be much sediment, but any powdery stuff really ruins both the palate feel and the finish - if you decant slowly in one pour, you should only lose the final 1/2 ounce. I do like Jake's suggestion of lamb, but don't sauce it up too much - a simple meat-and-starch preparation will make the Lynch-Bages the highlight of the evening, which it fully deserves to be.



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I t was drinking especially well out of a magnum a few months ago so I think the 750 is ready to go. I don't think you need to stand it up for two weeks-a couple of days would be adequate and you can decant through a filter to catch the sediment . Just make sure you use quality stemware to enjoy the bouquet this wine emits. Try not to drink it too quickly if that's possible as it evolves beautifully. I only wish I had more than a single 1500 of this great wine. The 2000 may rival this vintage one day.

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