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This was me :(

Falls Church, VA: Re: Mehak in Chinatown - I ate there about a month ago, and they did not have a lunch buffet. The food, however, was excellent: certainly on a par with Haandi, Aditi, Cafe Taj, etc. Note also that there is a Mehak on Lee Highway -Route 29- in west Falls Church.

Phyllis Richman: Thanks for the clarification and the opinion.


It's interesting reading through these old chats - if you change the date in the URL by 7 days either way, you can get to the others. The more things change....


ETA: Heh, this was me too

Falls Church, VA: Hi Ms. Richman,

I'd like to comment on an underrated feature of many DC restaurants: letting patrons bring their own wines while paying a corkage fee. This fee can range from $5.00 up to the stratospheric level of $35.00 at Citronelle, and is usually $10.00 or $15.00. There are many restaurants in Washington that allow their customers to do this, but a few that leap to mind are Gerard's Place, Obelisk, Sushi-Ko -!-, La Chaumiere, Les Halles, Kinkead's, Vidalia, Bistro Bis and Cashion's Eat Place. I should add that it's always a good idea to clear this in advance with a phone call, and it's never advisable to show up with a bottle of Turning Leaf.

Hope this beautiful September day finds you doing well.

Phyllis Richman: Thanks for gathering this list for us. Some restaurants allow customers to bring wine on only certain nights, while others say it is illegal (it's not, though if the restaurant has no liquor license, a different law might apply).


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It's also outdated information. Citronelle does not do corkage.

No, they definitely don't do corkage anymore, but I heard someone say that they ARE DOING RESTAURANT WEEK THIS YEAR! Is that true?!

Oh yes, my friends, there's a special place in Hell awaiting me...

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