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Wagyu in DC


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Is there anywhere one can get a real Kobe/wagyu steak in DC? A friend who recently graduated law school is eager to try it for her celebratory dinner, but hasn't had any luck finding a restaurant that offers it. Best that I can tell, both Charlie Palmer and 2941 apparently used to serve it, though it no longer appears on the menus of either. Closest I've found is The Source, which serves "American Style" Kobe short ribs, but she'd really like a steak. Is she out of luck?

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Go for the real stuff if your going to spend the $. The American "Kobe", while good, is nowhere close to the same thing. And Vidalia is certainly one place to get it, the latest menu was posted here. Enjoy.

Had a couple of nibbles of Vidalia's Wagyu with smoked eel Saturday night.

Pretty fucking amazing.

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