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  1. Hello All - Carlie and Kevin are the owners of Himitsu. We got them set up in the space but are not involved in the restaurant. Hope this helps clear it up - Paul
  2. Thanks to all for the nice things said about Crane & Turtle. I am sad about closing the restaurant. But I am happy for Makoto and Katy that they are launching on a new path that I am sure will be filled with delicious food and lots of success. In my restaurants I try to avoid the "cookie-cutter", and build singular spots that take shape from the neighborhood, building and, most importantly, from the personnel that run the operations on a daily basis. I believe we had a special crew at Crane & Turtle and I know that I will miss working with them. We will be open until April 24th and then we plan to choose another idea for the space. At this time we are brainstorming and collecting suggestions. I hope we see some of you on Upshur Street before Makoto and Katy move on to New York.
  3. Wanted to announce that we just opened Crane & Turtle on Upshur Street in Petworth. CRANE & TURTLE is a chef-driven, neighborhood restaurant that celebrates the marriage of Chef Makoto Hammamura's great passions"‚ÄĚJapanese and French cooking. Chef worked with Eric Ziebold for 6 years at CityZen and we are excited to be able to showcase his talents. We are open Tuesday - Sundays starting at 5pm. See you all in Petworth! Paul Ruppert Owner, Crane & Turtle www.craneandturtledc.com
  4. Petworth Citizen is now open! Makoto Hamamura (x-Cityzen) is the chef. Kristy Green (x-Firefly) is the bar manager. Nick Pimentel (Room 11) did the design. 829 Upshur Street NW (Same Block as Domku) Open 7 days: 5pm-2am/3am
  5. Happy to announce that Room 11 Wine and Dessert Bar is now open for business on 11th Street in Columbia Heights. Ben Gilligan is in the kitchen, turning out small plates, paninis, cheese, and charcuterie. Dan Searing is behind the bar and has crafted a selective wine, beer and cocktail list. And Paisley Fig is supplying our desserts. Nick Pimentel was in charge of design and yours truly rounds out the ownership and management team. Drop by to say hello! We can be found on the internets at room11dc.com More coverage Here and Here.
  6. Punch Club Returns - One night only - Friday May 8 from 6-8pm As part of World Cocktail Week, we are bringing back Punch Club to the Warehouse for one night only. Dan Searing and Nick Pimentel will be behind the bar, offering three tasty punches plus some other yummy drinks. Warehouse 1021 7th St. NW WDC
  7. Was a long time lurker, now finally a member. My name is Paul Ruppert and I am getting ready to open a new wine and dessert bar in Columbia Heights, called Room 11. We hope to be open at the end of May. I'l post more info to the main list when we are a little closer to the opening date.
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