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Craig and I set out last night to find something to eat, while the deluge was just a gentle rain. We spotted Meze on 18th Street and decided to give it a whirl.

I live in Adams Morgan too and have sampled repeatedly, pretty much the entire neighborhood. I’m so glad you enjoyed eating at our neighborhood Meze, I like it as well! As you can see there are lots of tastes in the area and although sometimes the service or food experience can be spotty, most of the time a person will have a pleasant experience and walk away having your cultural taste buds quenched.

Folks, if you really like Meze(who coincidentally had some big anniversary yesterday), then you should also try Bossa(Jazz), Rumba(Cuban), and Grill from Impanema(Brazillian, which may be a little more expensive). Wine isn’t to be bought there though; Mojito’s and Caipirinha’s are the drink du jour, especially in this heat.

Meskerem across the street has pretty good Ethiopian, and Bukom although looks, and is a practice spot for Rastafarian Reggae music has simply Amazing Caribbean food downstairs in the back. Jerk Chicken to perfection I'm talking about! If you want a quick, cheap bite before drinking, stop by Julia’s Empanadas and order a Chilean. They can’t be good for you, but after sampling a few too many Belgian’s over at the Reef, it’s tastes sooo good.

The Reef has organic and farm local cuisine and a surprisingly top notch Seafood and vegetarian selections from Chef Tedd there.

You've got Pasta Mia around the corner if you don't mind the Soup Nazi like way they make you line up around the corner and down the street. That guy simply refuses to expand or open up his back area. I guess the guy doesn't like money or something.

Anyway, everyone should come and visit some of these nice restaurants in Adams Morgan.


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L'Enfant Cafe (Dame Edna)]

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It's not going to happen: Prince Cafe, Felix, and Spy Lounge (contiguous restaurants, save for an alley) have all closed.


Any idea of what will be filling their space? If they actually put some decent eats in those spaces I might actually venture to AM more often.

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I think Adams Morgan truly needs an image remake. While I hate to see anything going out of business, my impression is that AM has gotten a bit stale over the last few years. I think the area needs a changing of the guard, or at least a few interesting new places that can draw people back in. Right now the 14th/ U Street corridors have all the momentum, and even places like H St and Petworth are gathering steam.

However, all that being said, I think there are actually some very solid dining options there. Cashion's, Pasta Mia, Perry's, So's Your Mom, Astor, Shwarma King, Amsterdam Falafel, Bardia's, and Cafe L'Enfant are all good options. It's a great neighborhood, but hopefully they'll elevate the level of the dining options or they'll find themselves to be yesterday's news.

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Was anyone in Adams Morgan last night?

I don't think I have *ever* seen that many people out there (probably because of Bastille Day - it was around midnight when I was there).

It's the 100th anniversary of the Delta Sigma Theta sorority, and apparently there are several thousand people in town for that. That might account for the crowds, too, which I noticed around U Street yesterday as well.

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