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  1. I'm assuming that the pain of last year's playoffs is the reason why this thread has gone dark, but I'm also interested in folks' thoughts about this year's team... Of course, "this year's team" is essentially the same as last year's team, but the results thus far have been pretty different. At this relatively early point in the season, I'm inclined to be perfectly satisfied - after all, being the winningest team in hockey last year did bupkis for us - but I know some people who are already worried. I'm concerned about the power play (lack of) production, but otherwise still thinking things will be okay in the long run... Go Caps!
  2. We've decided to clear out during inauguration weekend and are heading to Dallas to watch the Caps take on the Stars. My husband has spent lots of time in Texas, but none in Dallas (and I've never been either) - but I'm sure Tex-Mex and BBQ will be high on his list. Any recommendations for places near American Airlines Arena (I think we're going to stay at the Hyatt House nearby) would be much appreciated - we could Uber/cab to other locations as well. Thanks!
  3. Any more recent Dublin eating experiences? We will be there January 5-12, and while we are doing a bunch of day trips, we'll be staying/sleeping in Dublin city center for the whole time. Thanks!
  4. How will it be $600? Food is generally around $185, beverage pairings are around $85, and even when you add in 20% for gratuity and 10% for tax (which I think is a smidge high) you don't even hit $400. Not saying it's cheap, but I have always felt that it was a good value for the overall experience. Of course, here is the disclaimer - the chef/owner of Lazy Bear is my brother-in-law, so there is some implicit bias. However, that also means that I might be able to help you get in. :-) Let me know when you're going and I can see what I can do...
  5. I don't remember any of the restaurants, but we had a great time doing two of these food tours: http://www.eatingamsterdamtours.com/ We just really didn't know anything about the Amsterdam food scene, so it was a great way to taste a little of everything. There are a lot of diverse (and delicious!) food cultures representing in Amsterdam, so we were pleasantly surprised (and stuffed).
  6. So sorry to hear this. Sending thoughts of peace to his many friends and family.
  7. Any notable places in Dewey that are also dog-friendly? We will be going in a few weeks, and on the day we arrive, we will have the pup in the car but can't get into our rental until 3 pm. Would be nice to have a leisurely lunch somewhere close to Dewey town hall (where I have to get the doggie's beach license).
  8. Anyone have any recent experience in Frankfurt? Hubby spends tons of time there for work, and I am going to visit in a couple of weeks. He basically doesn't leave the office when he's there, so he's no help in terms of restaurants/bars or fun things to do. We'll be together for basically 3 full days.
  9. So, I'm trying to get into Nats baseball (the Braves have just made too many bad decisions, and it's clear that they don't value their in-town fans, let alone those of us who reside elsewhere), but I am just NOT a fan of the TV broadcasting crew. I feel like half the time they aren't even talking baseball. Am I just spoiled after years of award-winning Atlanta folks? Or is there something that might help me appreciate them more? Hopefully this Benedict Arnold feeling will subside eventually...
  10. Funny - the reasons Bi-Rite's salted caramel is not your favorite are the reasons why it IS mine! I usually get two scoops, one of salted caramel and one of roasted banana (they go so well together). Glad you got to try it - I think, in the 8 years my sister has lived in SF, there has only been one visit when we did not go get ice cream at Bi-Rite. Though, I have also come to love Three Twins (favorite flavor: lemon cookie) and Humphrey Slocomb (favorite flavor: After School Special).
  11. I asked my sister (who has lived in SF for a long time now), and she said... Re: Chinese, if you want dim sum, go for Yank Sing or Hong Kong Lounge II. If not, either Koi Palace (a bit outside the city) or Z&Y. Re: burritos, Taqueria Cancun in the Mission is our favorite. Re: breakfast, she recommends St. Francis Soda Fountain, and she said that Plow was definitely healthier fare but well-regarded. She really loves Blue Bottle coffee, but frankly, I think just about any smaller/local place in SF is going to be great. She is not a fan of either place you mentioned for great "SF" dinners, but to be fair, she and my chefly brother-in-law have eaten at all of SF's best restaurants, so the standards are pretty high. She recommended considering Nopa - I have been as well, and it was great. Hope that helps! I'll be there Memorial Day weekend, so I'm looking forward to good eats as well...
  12. Thinking about maybe trying this place for date night tonight. Does anyone recall if they have desserts on the menu (wasn't able to tell from the website)? Just want to know whether to stick around or go someplace nearby, if my sweet tooth shows up.
  13. Grilled chicken thighs in a marinade of chives, tarragon, sage (all herbs from the garden), olive oil, mustard, garlic, and some preserved lemons that I made a few weeks ago. Turned out awesome. Served with a cold lentil, beet, cucumber, and goat cheese salad. Nice and light!
  14. Funniest response to the incidents was on Twitter...someone said something to the effect of, "Hey Beagle, playing hockey is supposed to make you a CHICK magnet, not a STICK magnet!" GO CAPS!!!
  15. Doesn't look like we've split the thread yet, so... Hubby (and doggie) and I walked to P&P on Friday afternoon to grab lunch. We were thrilled to see and catch up with Jeff F. - it had been a long time. The place was doing a very steady business - seemed like more people were going in for coffee/pastry than for sandwiches, but it was on the earlier side. We got the fried chicken sandwich and the falafel sandwich, both of which were $9. If I had to choose a favorite, the falafel would win by a nose - it was really fresh and tasty, and I thought it was huge for the price. The chicken sandwich was a nice mix of sweet and salty, but it was very hard to eat without utensils - I went back in to see if they had a plastic fork or something, and no dice. Maybe they would have had cutlery if I'd asked, but I was in a bit of a hurry, and I think it's a little weird for a 100% take-out place not to have that kind of thing out for customers to grab. We wolfed everything down - very, very good. Not someplace we'll go every week, but it's a nice, quick option that also is a high-quality product.
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