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Harry's, Dive Tavern and Patio on 11th and E Streets NW - in the Hotel Harrington Downtown

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Last night, on the patio at Harry's (in the Hotel Washington), I tried a Harry's Burger ($10.75, cheddar cheese 45 cents extra). Although I've heard from a credible source that this is a good, down-home burger, it's nothing special at all. On the burger's behalf, the menu claims the meat is "fresh ground beef," the 8.5-ounce patty was clearly hand-formed, and the meat itself had a good, beefy taste. But ordered medium, it came out completely well-done, with no pink at all in the middle, and everything else on the plate was lousy. Although it might sound "open-minded" to embrace Harry's, I saw lots of plates on various tables, and from what I can tell, Harry's is nothing more than an overpriced tourist trap.



Don't go to Harry's for the food. The proper reasons to go to Harry's are cheap liquor, including immense call-brand martinis at quite reasonable prices; an eclectic bar crowd, locals as well as tourists; and inevitably friendly bartenders. "Open-minded" ain't got nothin' to do with it. It's also one of the few bars left in that part of town not charging chi-chi prices and/or packed with beautiful people and poseur suburbanites. A very comfortable spot for a drink, in other words.

My experience is that the burgers taste exactly you expect them to taste when you walk into the room, which is about how they are described by Don, above.

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Harry's is my go-to place on Christmas Night. It's one of the only places in the city that's open and it represents to me all that is good and wonderful about escaping from your family after a long day of thanking Auntie Bertha for yet another nutcracker gift. :D

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