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Hogate's, Not Reopening After All

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Any intel on this? Driving by the former H20 (and very former Hogate's) location, I saw a new sign saying "Coming Soon: Hogate's." Does anyone know if this will be a reincarnation of the old Hogate's? It would be so nice to have any sort of choice (even a different bar!) in SW.

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I won't miss Hogates much, and I've always thought that DC needed a 'great' waterfront. Maine street was about as close as we got, and it isn't bad - but the giant concrete barrier buildings have to go.

Sadly, the new design seems to sterilize out the few charms of the area - the fish market, the marina and the bar or two out on the docks. I'm sure in a few years we'll be talking about the new high-end places that have opened in the revamped area. But when will someone actually build a new Eastern Market, or a place like Pittsburgh's strip district?

Alas, I've strayed off topic - but now that Hogate's is gone, we can talk openly in this thread, right? :(

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