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trying to celebrate, party of six, on a Saturday night


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I've had some wickedly good (and really fun) birthday dinners at a bunch of places over the years. This year is potentially something additional to celebrate (if all goes as planned I'll close on my first house the day before). Guest list is always the same, my folks plus a few friends of mine who are family-like. Foodies, the lot of them.

I normally have some idea of what appeals, but this year I'm sort of clueless. I keep thinking Kaz, but we did one there two years ago and perfect though it was I would kind of like to avoid doing a repeat. Last year was Circle Bistro and it couldn't have been more perfect in all regards.

I asked one of my guests who keeps up with the restaurant goings-on and he suggested Zentan, but after reading some commentary I don't think I'm feeling it for this particular event.

So throw it out there for me? What oh, duh places just aren't coming to mind?

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Your previous choices indicate "lively but not rowdy." May I also assume downtown?

Is noise an issue? (Thanks Tom Sietsema, for making this a legitimate criterion.)




Bar at Vidalia

Bar at Spezie

Patio at Cafe du Parc (Maybe my second choice)

La Chaumiere



New Heights (Maybe my first choice)

Corduroy (Maybe my third choice)


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