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Trattoria da Franco, Old Town Alexandria - Closed

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Anyone been recently?

Couldn't find a thread but it looks like some people enjoyed it a few years ago (for cheap eats, even a rehersal dinner)...

I haven't been in a couple years, but based on a dinner that was a bit of a disappointment in terms of quality and quantity, I've been choosing A La Lucia for Italian (American-Italian). But, the price point isn't high, so I don't think you could go wrong in giving it a shot-it sure is a cute place and "opera night" is a plus.

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This has re-opened (Been reborn) as La Trattoria and they have done a great job - (Story I heard is that one of the regulars bought it when Franco retired)

They have redecorated and the former main room/bar is now just bar with some high top tables

The old private dining room (to the left as you go in ) is a dining room. and the upstairs has been opened - dining room twice as big as downstairs, and a fun lounge (with lots of posters/art by Shag who we are fans of )

They are moving to a seasonal menu starting with the Summer menu.  


The bar ranks as a 'and' bar in our book but they try to do specials that they just don't have the chops for but the Food is wonderful

We went Friday night for part of Mom-Picucci's birthday weekend started with the Buratta and fried artichokes.  Pooch had the Eggplant Parmigana, Mom had the Gnocchi (Still the best gnocchi we have found in town) and I had the Saltimbucca alla romano.  For dessert we split the Lemon Mascarpone cake and Spumoni.  

Overall Mains were WONDERFUL, starters and desserts were good, bar still needs work - I would stick with wine. 


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