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Public Bar and Public Tenley, South Dupont Circle and Tenleytown

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A trendy-looking man and woman came by my office today to present me with half-off app coupons printed on glossy postcards. They introduced themselves to me and said they were going around to different offices and welcoming themselves to the neighborhood. It was a nifty and probably very effective way for them to find new clientèle.

Despite the fact that it seems they have enough TVs to cause flash-tanning, I'll have to check them out.

Public Bar - Now serving lunch and dinner from 11AM to 10PM weekly.

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The food is downright horrendous, but besides Momo's there might not be a better place to watch sports in the District. College football Saturday is incredible, as all the TVs are basically bunched together on 2 walls so you can effectively pay attention to 5 different games at once while plowing through a Beer Tower of Peroni. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

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