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Wild Turkey "American Honey" (2006-) - a Very Sweet, Honey-Infused Bourbon by Wild Turkey

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I'm a huge fan of American Honey for quick 'n' easy hot toddies when a cold or flu-like illness strikes:

brew a cup of tea (your choice, though I'm partial to constant comment)

add American Honey to taste (and/or desired strength)

finish with a squeeze of lemon juice



It might not be the best hot toddy recipe, but when I'm in that fuzzy head-cold state of mind, the simpler, the better.



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I just got a bottle of Wild Turkey American Honey. Any ideas on cocktails, recipes, etc.? I think if I drink it straight, I'll end up with a sugar rush and hangover.

The problem I have with Wild Turkey American Honey is that even *I* could mix a *good* bottle of Wild Turkey with a little honey - I trust my taste in honeys and my preferred level of alcohol and sweetness more than I trust the "focus groups" at Campari, who have attempted to make one, single product to fit all people. There's nothing at all wrong with mixing Bourbon and honey (it actually sounds wonderful), but why not actually *mix* Bourbon and honey, using a good example of each, and adjusted to your personal taste preferences? If this was something that took even two minutes of time, I could understand it better, but this is literally a twenty-second operation.

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