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Mr Rain's Fun House, Chef Bill Buszinski in the American Visionary Art Museum - Key Highway in Federal Hill - Closed

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Went to Mr. Rain's Fun House, a new restaurant that opened late 2009 on top the the American Visionary Art Museum.
They had a special La Grande Boucherie happy hour in celebration of mardi gras- $15 for several pork courses. It was ok.
We started with head cheese served with bread and some honey mustard (?).
Course 2 was some hunter sausage- a tad dry- possibly the meat was ground a bit too fine.
Third was some pulled pork off a whole pig they roasted. Sadly a but dry as well, but he skin as nicely seasoned.
Last was Tasso ham- it was a alright as well, but I still do not understand honey mustard.
What was nice was a flight of American whiskeys- my favorite was the Rittenhouse rye.

Not sure about the restaurant, but might head back to try their regular menu at least once.

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