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Unique Birthday Dinner for Two


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So I just found out a couple of days ago that I scheduled a trip to Florida the same weekend as my best friend's 25th birthday. I'm trying to make it up to him (as well as get rid of some of the guilt) by taking him to a surprise dinner somewhere this Saturday. I'm looking for something fun and personal, instead of the typical 4 course w/ wine pairings.

My initial thought was the 7 course cocktail pairing dinner at Ps7, but found out Gina is out of town this weekend. We did the Columbia Room last year, so I'd also like to avoid that. Of course, it's also last minute for a Saturday night, which makes things even more difficult.

Any ideas out there?

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I think that DanielK and some other people have had very good luck getting Antonio Burrell to do something a bit special on request and a little notice, and I think there may be some info on here about requesting that type of thing, but I can't remember. Might be worth a call.

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Yes, Antonio has publicly stated that he's willing to do special menus with some notice. Just contact the restaurant.

But I think that's frequently true for chef-driven restaurants that don't already have tasting menus. Many are happy to prepare a special meal "off-menu", to give themselves a chance to "play". If there's a place you already like, can't hurt to call and ask.

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