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Fenton Cafe, Creperie and Cafe on Fenton Street in Downtown Silver Spring

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Lisa just came back from a hair appt with crèpes in maple syrup for me from the Fenton Cafe (located at 8311 Fenton St). Could have been a little thinner and less chewy, but still a nice addition to DTSS. Much preferable to a Mrs Fields, Baskin Robbins, or some other corporate dessert joint. There's a short mention in today's Silver Spring, Singular

And, yes, we've been eating far too much take out and restaurant food lately. What's up with that?

ETA: Aw crap - how do I fix up my mistake on the thread title (DTSS, not DTWW).

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Azami and I had brunch here with a couple of friends this morning and were very pleased. It's a very small space a couple blocks south of the Silver Spring Whole Foods, although the weather was nice enough that people were occupying the outside tables as well. They've got an extensive list of both sweet and savory crepes, all ranging between ~$4.00 and $7.50.

I am not a crepe connoisseur, but I very much enjoyed these -- they were slightly sweet, not very chewy, and had nicely crisped edges.We all had savory crepes -- smoked turkey, egg, mushroom, cheese, and tomato for me; eggs, turkey, and cheese for Azami; roasted eggplant, zucchini, basil, garlic, and sundried tomato for one friend; and ham and cheese for the other. All of our crepes were filled generously and deliciously, and we got the correct orders. I noted a number of people having to return wrong orders to the kitchen. All in all, we liked Fenton Cafe a lot -- I can see us returning before long.

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