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Saturday Brunch near Springfield


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Hi--I'm looking for places not too far from Springfield for an upcoming Saturday brunch. We'll be attending a baptism at 9 a.m. and need a decent place to eat afterward. We would like to avoid anywhere that would require guests to pay for parking (Old Town, for example) and anywhere that's a super long or complicated drive, since there will be several people from out of town who don't know the area. We were thinking of Shirlington but aren't that impressed by Carlyle and don't know if Busboys & Poets has the vibe we're looking for (though we like the food there!). Any other suggestions would be great--particularly for places that open earlier than 11 (to minimize waiting around in between events).



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There's always Clyde's at Mark Center - plenty of parking and a menu that usually has something for everyone, as well as space for a group. The one drawback is that they open at 11:00 on Saturday.

You may also want to check out the Brunch Guide for some other ideas.

Agree with Clyde's although no brunch on Saturdays. If you're OK with accepting lunch vs. brunch, Mike's American is an option in Springfield.

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I live in Springfield.

For a Saturday brunch for 20, Delia's in the back -- the elevated tables -- has room for 20, and serves a righteous brunch menu. Ask for Cathy to be your server. It's also kid-friendly.

On Sunday, the area is usually booked by any of a number of multi-generation large families for post-Mass brunch. Saturday could be available, but call ahead.

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