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Finger Food for Kid's Birthday Party

Anna Phor

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I have looked through the other thread on gluten-free shopping/cooking, but wondering if anyone can help me with some specific suggestions for an upcoming event. It will be a toddler birthday party to accommodate about 20 people, one of whom does not eat gluten (an adult, so happily she is able to resist eating snacks that others have dropped on the floor, unlike some of the other guests).

I'm looking for suggestions for items which are:

1. gluten free

2. finger foods

3. reasonably kid friendly (for kids with fairly broad palates but e.g. no whole peanuts for kids this young)

4. easy to prepare ahead of time

The kids range from 1-3 years old. Suggestions welcome!

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Been there and done that exact scenario when my daughter was younger. A crudite platter works well and is easy to prepare ahead of time. Steamed edamame, chicken skewers (or any meat or veg on a skewer really), meatballs, marinated flank steak (grill ahead of time, slice and serve room temp), stuffed mushrooms, a big bowl of salad and shrimp cocktail are all super-safe bets and all easily made gluten free. Good luck!

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For kids, I would avoid all nuts, legumes and even sesame (a few children in little man's school are now classified sesame-allergic), in addition to shellfish.

Adding to shaggy's suggestions, minus the shrimp cocktail (unless for adults), I would add:

1. Cheese platter (watch for the dairy allergy folks tho)

2. Fruit plate

3. Chip and dip

4. Snack mix (Annie's mix or some sort of cheddar crackers - things kids have for snacks at school)

5. Pizza bagels (make ahead or buy from a box - sorry to suggest)

6. Things of yogurt

7. Juice boxes (to protect your carpet and floors - otherwise, cups will be knocked down accidentally)

Although, honestly, for a birthday party for kids 1 to 3, they are not going to eat (based on observations of past parties, you will have leftovers if you make too much). They will run themselves silly playing with others and will drink more than eat. Then, after the birthday party, when you are in the car, the child will ask you for something to eat, because they will be hungry. Unless they filled up on birthday cake.

So just prepare for the adults, and set out some crackers or chips for the kids (although don't forget the cake, right? Otherwise a child will come up asking you for some. True story. Just happened at the last birthday party I was at.)

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