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On 10/11/2011 at 11:52 AM, johnb said:

Ah c'mon. Where were you asking directions for? Roses?

Honestly, we were trying to find San Sebastian, and couldn't. Driving around aimlessly, down a random street, I looked to my right and said, "Hey, that's one of the best restaurants in the world!" Kavita said, "Pull over and I'll ask directions." I did, and she went inside, not having any idea what the restaurant was. She emerged about five minutes later with directions and Arzak's business card - she had mentioned (without seeing the prices on the menu), "Oh, maybe we'll stop by for dinner tonight." He said, politely, "We're actually full until next Tuesday. But if you want to come in, just call and I'll save you our last table. Here's my card." Sometimes, utter cluelessness is the way to approach life. smile.gif

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so, did you take him up on the offer, or what?

DC -> Philadelphia, Philadelphia -> Barcelona, Rent Car at Airport, Drive 5+ hours to San Sebastian ...

No, it would have been wasted. (The good news is that instead, we went Pintxos hopping in San Sebastian, hitting about eight different places.) Next time, Arzak (or maybe Mugaritz, where our own W-dog (*) is now working).

(*) And remember this one, because he's destined for stardom.

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He's a really, really nice guy. After our dinner there, we went downstairs for a drink. He came up and asked how everything was,* and we got to chatting and he ended up sitting down and having a few drinks with us. Pretty damn cool.

*Freaking amazing

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You know, now that I'm thinking about it, one of the best dishes I've ever had was at Arzak's, a perfectly cooked egg with a thick chorizo sauce on the side. I wonder if this was an inspiration for the famous Mike Isabella pepperoni sauce...

I believe the inspiration was his Grandmother's recipe.

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