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Chow, Dumplings and Karaoke at 1110 H Street NE - Not Opening

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Ducking into an empty Jin last night around 7:30, I got the last Sapporo ($3 at Happy Hour) in the keg. It was a slow time in this sleek, minimalist lounge with (surprisingly) Led Zeppelin piping through the speakers. The bartenders were as nice as can be, although one poor gentleman got sprayed during the keg change.

I asked if the owner of Jin, Chris Willoughby, had any other restaurants, and found out that he was opening Chow, apparently a dumpling bar with karaoke, on 1110 H St NE. There isn't much information out there on the internet, but I did find this and this.

While I didn't eat here, both glasses of Sapporo I had (the last from the old keg, and the first from the new keg) were in perfect shape, and I was surprised how pleasantly malty it was on draft. For $3 before 8 PM, it's hard to find a better beer in the U Street Corridor.




We'd love to know more. Chow did a lot of work and applied for their liquor license a year or two ago - and then nothing. Paper on the windows. No signs of life. Lots of questions. No answers.

This is a very handsome space and H Street would be delighted to welcome a new dumpling place. We really like Karaoke on H Street. The more the merrier.

I hope this is "coming soon" to a neighborhood near me. Thanks for the tip.



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