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Lost City Diner, Across from the Charles Street Theater in Station North

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Across the street from the Charles Theatre, the Lost City Diner finally opened after sitting for years almost finished. I went there this weekend before seeing the new Almodovar film and found a seat at their counter. The restaurant is designed like a 50's diner meets old B sci-fi film. The menu looks like an old comic book. I was surprised to find a lot of vegetarian/vegan options on their menu of sandwiches, burgers, salads, and dinners as well as ice creams/shakes/sundaes that you could substitute with soy options.

I had their turkey burger that had brie and fried apple rings on top. It was pretty good. Great fries. They offer the fried apple rings as a starter on its own. My friend had the vegetarian muffaletta which she let me try. It had the right flavors of a muffaletta but in a pita- since she was vegetarian, she was excited about a diner where she had lots of choices.

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Before seeing The Artist, popped back in to Lost City for another great meal. This time, I had the meatloaf with tomato gravy, mash, and carrots & peas. The preparation was fresh, and they kicked up the veggies and gravy with a little spiciness.

I then shared the soy vanilla ice cream with wet nuts, chocolate and praline syrup. Their ice cream menu is pretty broad offering regular ice cream as well as vegan options. I need to get back to try one of the sundaes with bacon.

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On 1/7/2012 at 10:28 PM, DonRocks said:

Hat tip to Mary Zajac at City Paper for the coddies and golupki tags (See, everyone? Is attribution really that difficult?)

Wasn't quite sure where to post this or start a new thread. 

The Hungry Pigeon  served as host to former Baltimore native, Drew Lazor, who is freelancer now based in Philly,. He was promoting his new book, Session Cocktails.

He prepared a spread of Bmore's favorite eats which included pit beef, steamed crabs, and coddies. I have never tried a coddie, which prompts me to ask, where in Baltimore can I find a good coddie? Attmans would be my first stop ,but  someone I spoke to recommended Barrucuda's in Locust point, and I saw a rec on this forum suggesting Dylan's Oyster Cellar.  This leads me to possibly trying all three spots. A coddie crawl is on the horizon. 

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