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Galletta's, Pasta & Italian Specialties in Downtown Leesburg - Closed

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Another great carryout joint, this time near the center or old part of Leesburg.

Galletta's is a family owned place that serves killer sandwiches at lunch. They also serve Italian dinners Fridays and Saturdays, but I have not been there for that yet. The bread they use is ciabatta from South Street Under and it ends up working pretty well.

They slice the meats for thier sandwiches to order which is good, it keeps the meat fresher this way, but expect to wait a few minutes for your sandwiches. The hours here are rough as well 11-6 except Friday and Sat where they are open till 8. Also closed Sunday and Monday. If I had to choose which had better meat, here or Primos, it's better here. That said they are very different experiences.

Favorite sandwich here so far is the di Parma.

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