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Dave & Buster's, Amusement Center and Sports Bar in White Flint Mall - Closed

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I'm not even sure how to classify this restaurant, but my brother just texted me and said he has 35,000 tickets on his Dave & Buster's card.

I do so love paying money to shoot 17-foot free throws on an 11-foot basket with a 14-inch rim, wondering why I'm air-balling everything.

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They finally closed it down huh? They tried to sue the mall for the right to stay open but it got dismissed so it seems. I wonder if they managed to find a place to relocate?

More importantly, I wonder if they are selling any of their arcade cabs on the cheap?

There seems to be a lot of drama surrounding the changes they are trying to make to the White Flint area. I'm not really keen on all the details, but I would certainly welcome the dedicated bus lane for 355 they want to put in. I think the plans for the Mall area itself is another commercial+residential center like RTC.

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