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Dog Friendly Virginia Wineries


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There were people who brought their dogs to Bluemont Vineyards when we were there a few weeks ago (they were out on the patio / grass).

I'd imagine any vineyard that has an outdoor tent / tasting component to it (Notaviva is another one that comes to mind) would be totally fine...I'd guess you'd run into trouble if you wanted to bring the dog inside.

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B.O.W. (Barrel Oak Winery) is SUPER dog friendly they can even go in the tasting room

Places you can have them but not in the tasting room:

Keswick, Paradise Point, Fox Meadow (they may even be nice and let you bring a small dog in), Barboursville

There are probably others. I bet Mountfair would let you take them in with you because they don't serve food. I think King Family too, but not tasting room. Trying to think of the places we have taken Max or I have seen pups. I think Veritas is ok with them outside. Depends what part of VA too.

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Does the wine also have to be good? :P

If your definition of dog friendly means on the grounds (as in, leave the dogs in the car with the AC and head in for a tasting, then buy a bottle and sit outside) your options are much less limited.

If you want places where you can take the dogs into the tastings rooms... aside from what's been mentioned already, in Loudon Co, both Breaux and North Gate are dog friendly. Also in that area, both Hidden Brook and Lost Creek participate in an annual greyhound event - not sure if the dogs being allowed inside for that event is an exception or if they are always dog friendly. Pearmund is dog friendly, but they do have a Basenji who is in the tasting room or out on the property so your dogs would need to be okay with him. I think Paradise Springs is also dog friendly - I haven't been there, but have friends who go frequently and really like it. Barren Ridge, way out in Fisherville is also dog friendly with a little dog loose on the property.

It appears that the VA winery website allows you to filter by pet-friendliness: http://www.virginiaw...s/browse?filter[feature_category_ids][22]=22&page=1

ETA: I've also found that depending on when you arrive and who's working they may let you bring your dogs in if they are well behaved and you ask nicely, generally if they're not busy at all (those who serve food generally can't make the allowance).

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