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Buddakan, A Philadelphia-Based Asian-Fusion Chain on S. 4th and Chestnut Street in Old City

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My boyfriend and I were in Philly last weekend and had some amazing meals. We started on sat by getting drinks at continental. You can sit outside and they have fun drinks like the Champagne-a-rama! Then we ate at Budahkan, which is always amazing. We had a tuna pizza (thinly sliced tuna and wasabi on focaccia) as an appetizer and i had the seared ahi tuna, which was on of the best I have ever had, while my boyfriend had the steak which was equally delicious. On sunday we had brunch at Continental mid-town, which is such a fun kooky atmosphere. For dinner we went for drinks at Jones and dinner at to Morimoto, which was very impressive.

I absolutely LOVE Stephen Starr restaurants (as you can tell from my culinary weekend). Why oh why can't we have a Stephen Starr in DC??

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Sitting in a hotel last night my wife and I made The Great Compromise - we could stay in the room and get takeout if we could get it from Buddakan.  Lobster Fried Rice with saffron and basil ($23) was the Starr (sorry, couldn't resist) of the evening - generous amount of lobster meat with a lobster flavor that was prevalent throughout.  Wok Cashew Chicken in plum wine sauce ($26) was definitely the finest cashew chicken I've had - enough for 2 with large tender chunks of chicken and broccoli.  The disappointment was the green beans with ground pork, dried scallops and kaffir lime ($10).  I kept going back to these wanting them to be better, and they kept not being.  I suppose takeout isn't Buddakan's main business, as no to-go silverware was available.

90$ with tax, tip and a Kirin while I waited was certainly not a cheap takeout dinner, but I have no regrets.

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