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House of Milae - Korean in Bethesda in the old Plaza del Sole Space on St. Elmo Avenue

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I couldn't be happier, even knowing nothing about this place. Anyone know any details?

"Korean Restaurant Coming To Woodmont Triangle" by Aaron Kraut on bethesdanow.com

Don't get me wrong, the constant infux of pizza and burger places in Bethesda is exciting and all (where's a sarcasm font when you need one), but it's so nice to see a place opening up that really fills a need.

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Carole Sugarman of Bethesda Magazine reports that the owners of Milae Cleaners are opening a Korean restaurant at the former La Plaza location at 4924 St Elmo Ave.  The restaurant will be called House of Milae (details here).

Is this the same Korean restaurant that's mentioned above as coming to the Plaza Del Sol space at 4932 St Elmo Ave (Bethesda Now report)?  Or another?

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Happened in here a week ago today for a light lunch.  We were the only people there, but another group showed up while we were there.  First impression is that it is VERY clean.  The waiter was very gracious, attentive, and eager to explain Korean food to us.  My wife got vegetable dumplings and a tuna kimbap roll.  I got jap chae with beef.  The banchan were pretty good, but standard, the dumplings were well cooked and had a good flavor.  As far as the kimbap, it was the first time my wife had tried it, but she really enjoyed it (but nothing to compare it to!).  Jap Chae was was good, nice flavors and my daughter liked the beef (I got this dish so the 3.5 year old would have something to eat--usually I would have gotten something spicy).  Overall, the meal was tame, but had nothing wrong with it.  We will definitely be back.  Glad we tried it.

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