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Pho Wheels Food Truck - Vietnamese with Pho Roving Around DC and VA

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Getting to more "serious" food items, the regular maple glazed pork belly banh mi is seriously delicious.  I work in Ballston and have darn near tried every food truck that has come by the last couple of years.  This is the most delicious food item I've had.  The pork belly is not fatty, seasoned just right and melds very well with the crunchy vegetables and aioli.  The only other truck that I've found to have such quality items is La Tingeria, especially their brisket and chorizo items.

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I didn't care for the pork belly - it wasn't rendered to my liking (too chewy).

I got the astro donut banh mi (1/2 chicken, 1/2 pork belly). The chicken was in huge chunks, but I liked the flavor of the pickled vegetables. Another special they had was a spam musubi taco (spam, chinese sausage, nori) and it was great! definitely making me miss hawai'i



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