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Yekta Kabobi, Rockville Pike in Rockville

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This was the Friday lunch stop of the RPLC (or at least a very small part of it).

We had a very nice tabouli-like salad of tomato, onion, mint and a sweet citrus dressing. Also a plate of wrinkled black olives.

For kebabs, I had the chicken and the ground beef. Both were excellent, as was the taste of the game hen kabob so generously shared by my lunch companion. Flavorings and spice were very well blanced and not overpowering.

Like Joe's, it's order at the counter and they'll bring it out to you.

At >$10, it's not really an every day lunch, but a great place to go treat yourself to a nicer lunch every now and then. You're also guaranteed to have leftovers.

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The Ghormeh Sabzi ($9.99) at Yekta Kabobi is a couple dollars too expensive. Although it's a decent rendition, my order was reheated and the kidney beans were still cold in the center. It came with a good mound of basmati rice, but with no tah digh, no yogurt of any type, and only one paper-thin piece of packaged bread - the only other accompaniment was a small raw onion, cleaved in half.



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The best thing on the menu here, BY FAR, is the cornish game hen kabob.

The large mound of rice, (crappy) packaged bread, raw onion, and grilled tomato are the same with all the kebab plates. I haven't had a stinker with any of the kabobs here, but I rarely stray from the cornish game hen.

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This place is a regular weeknight stop for us. I think they're possibly the best Persian kabobs in the metro area, and I'd say that without hesitation for their cornish game hen kabob.

Their weak point has always been the crappy store bought bread. That will soon be rectified. Mi Rancho gave up the lease on the north half of their space (I think it used to be the bar area) and Yekta Kabobi is expanding into the storefront. Besides the advantage of now having a door and sign that face the Pike, they'll also be able to expand their kitchen - and what they're adding is a traditional open kiln-type oven to make traditional Persian breads.

Happy happy joy joy!

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