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The Drunken Eight-Egg Omelette


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When you freezer-to-pan fry up 12 ounces of Niman Ranch cured bacon, drain the grease, then crack 8 Trader Joe's Extra Large cage-free eggs in, stirring with a spatula, and then add 2 slices of sharp cheddar to the mix, all the while trying to finish a beer and not set off the smoke detector, there is a "moment of truth" at least of equal importance to the last few seconds of the most precious risotto.

Preparation time: 15 minutes

Serves: 1

Time from first bite to last: 2 minutes, 20 seconds

I have spoken.


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Well, I see one problem - draining the bacon grease takes away all the alcohol-absorbing properties of a good fry-up, plus it uses up valuable seconds you could have been spending on either eating sooner, or drinking more beer. :lol:

eta: Oh, and according to the peanut gallery on the other side of the sofa, apparently you should have used the bacon grease to make fried bread. And possibly black pudding.

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Now was the cheddar domestic or imported? Because that would affect the subtlies of the undertones of your beer. And if it was domestic did it come from a tiny little farm in Vermont where the farmer chewed the cuds for the calfs or from a specialty grocery store which abuses its cheese and charges your four times what it is worth? If your cheese is not properly matched with your beer then the whole dish is ruined-Niman Ranch or no Niman Ranch.

Concerned that Rocks is playing with fire,


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Cooking a good omelette is about 100 times more difficult than cooking risotto. And, with a good buzz on, ten times more rewarding. Back in the day, when I lived just on the Dupont side of the P Street Bridge, I'd occasionally stagger home from Garret's (sp?) past the 7-11 on the Georgetown side of the bridge and pick up all the sleazy makings of a late night omelette.

God damn those things are good.

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