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Holy Crèpes Food Truck, Borislav Lambrev's Gaithersburg-Based Crèpe, Panini, and Croissant Truck Often In Calverton

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No website that I could find, so here is their twitter: @HolyCrepesTruck

Le Menu is here.

This truck has been visiting a parking lot near my office the last couple of weeks.  I have gone twice, and found both of my savory crepes delicious.  The pesto aioli has been in both, and it's phenomenal.  Today's was bacon, ham, mozzarella, onion, tomato, aioli.  I have never had a savory crepe before but these are nice and crispy on the outside and you can almost eat them like a burrito until gravity and wet ingredients collapse the last few bites which are then finished with a fork.

Being able to text my order and run to grab it when it was ready is a nice feature, especially when it's -37 degrees with wind chill.

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