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Eating near the Lincoln Theater (U St Metro) before a General Admission Show


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I'm going to a general admission show at the Lincoln Theater tonight and would like to grab some food beforehand.

The doors open at 6:30, but I was thinking of going in at 7:00 or so (the point is, it's GA so I can't just waltz in at showtime and get a good seat).

Any ideas for a good meal, that's kind of quick in that area?  I know there are a ton of options, but I won't have time for a 90 minute wait for a table!!


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On the super casual side: Greek Spot, Chix, Zenebech Injera, Ooh's and Aah's, Great Wall Szechuan (those last three might not be the greatest idea before a seated show surrounded by other people and not, you know, walking distance to one's, you know, private spot to, ahem, lighten one's load)

Casual but DAMN GOOD: Satellite Room (get the Diner Burger, throw on a few toppings, enjoy fries that came from real potatoes, cut and cooked by a real person, sit with Boo at the bar and thank me later) Eat the Rich/Southern Efficiency- cos Jules is the shit and so is his food (and yes he is a friend of mine)

Pricier: Ghibellina and Etto. These could work if you got in right when they open and just explain your time constraints, shouldn't be a problem.

Until a month ago, I had lived in the hood for the past 9 years. The transformation is, quite frankly, astounding. Cannot even imagine what it will look like when I come home to visit

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