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Trapped In A Hospital On A Low-Sodium, Cardiac Diet (No, It's Not Me)


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Okay, a friend and dr.com member has had a carotid dissection, and is in the hospital on a low-sodium, "cardiac diet."

They aren't letting him simply pick up the phone and order Thai, and the Facebook pictures of his meals look atrocious. Can anyone help him?

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Don, can you give us a hint about the facility imprisoning our colleague?

A generic answer would be to get the hospital's dietitian to suggest alternates to the hospital's standard food choices.

This reminds me of the 2012 thread generated when RJ Cooper was recovering "in-house" somewhere and a  contemporary article in the NYTimes about NYC VIP hospital wings. Closer to DC,  Hopkins' Sheikh Zayed Tower for cardiovascular and critical care sounds like it has a higher-end food service.

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Stop by Falls Church or Rockville, and create a gift basket of Penzey's salt-free blends. Including "Forward" (which can make hockey puck meats taste good), Mural of Flavor (for eggs and veggies), and Frozen Pizza Seasoning (for any pasta or chicken). Ask the helpful staff what else they recommend, lots of options.

Run those by the doc first, of course, but your friend will adore you.

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