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For a Family Reunion Auction


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This weekend is my family reunion.  I am going to make banana cake and pepperoni rolls for eating there at the reunion.  BUT the second part of our reunion we have an auction to raise money for a scholarship for the family.  I am going to take canned pickles (dill and b&b ) and a can of salsa.  I am trying to think of other things I could either buy or make that might be a hit at the auction.  My family is full of pretty good cooks, and they also like to eat, so I think something I make could raise a little money.  I have also thought about buying some neat things and putting them into a basket.  The question is what- what do I have time to make this week or pick up and what would someone bid on.  This isn't a fancy auction, but my family has pretty good taste in food.  It also needs to be something that is fairly travel safe as it is a 3 hour drive down to the reunion.  I am good with cooler bags and etc though.

I thought about putting the pepperoni rolls in the auction and not having them to eat...  Anyway I could use a little help on ideas.  Thanks in advance.

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Hey, I saw in another thread how much you like the Carolina Gold rice.  Find a source, buy in bulk, give up half to the family auction.

I buy it from Anson Mills and have always been satisfied.  Great suggestion.

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Ok, so... my Charleston Gold rice and Charleston Plantation tea should be arriving at the house today.  It is going to be put into a basket that I call where I've been (Charleston and HHI represented by that part).  I am also going to put in some pickles from my MIL and some Virginia wine and maybe some Firefly farms cheese from Garrett County.  I apparently didn't buy a second bottle of Virgin Island hot sauce, and can't find it online.  I realized I haven't really been to many places this year compared to last, as of yet, but will probably catch up after India and Dubai in November.  

Then I am making a what I've been up to basket.  I remember a few years ago I made pesto in small containers that was a huge hit.  That basket will have my canned salsa, this zucchini spread: https://food52.com/recipes/23071-jennie-cook-s-zucchini-butter, homemade olive tapenade and homemade fava bean spread (ful).  I might add to it homemade foccacia if I can manage with the other baked goods (pepperoni rolls that I hope to get done tonight, banana cake- tomorrow).  Then I have a small little bag with some fun stuff I have from different charity events this year.  

This week has been so hectic at work.  I also needed to finish some new jewelry pieces to go into the gallery.  I have 3 done, but need a few more.  So will try to get that done today/tonight while I have dough rising.

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