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AllSpice Catering (Formerly AllSpice Cafe), Bakery, Cafe, and Deli on Oak Street in Rosslyn

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Didn't see a topic for this place.  AllSpice Cafe is on Oak Street essentially across the street from the new Heavy Seas Alehouse, kind of on the back side of the building, next door to Kanpai.  It's a great little place when you're in the neighborhood.  Good sandwiches (I've tended to the wraps like the southwestern wrap or bbq chicken).... mrs. rbh likes the chicken hummus veggie sandwich and swears by their breakfast wraps.  They have apple fritters as big as a face - and they have Swings coffee.  I've had their soups a couple times and was pleased.  Soups and sandwich specials rotate daily.  They also have a made-to-order salad station that I have to try sometime.

Given the other choices around for take-out sandwiches, I put this over all the walking distance places (capriottis, subway, jimmy johns, etc).  Particularly for the price.  Basically if I'm working from home and want to wander out for a lunch sandwich, this is the default unless I feel like driving to Italian Store or Earl's.  I hope that when the demolition starts on this bldg and the one next door in a couple years that they're able to find a new home.

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