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Autism Fundraiser Dinner - TONIGHT!


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I read about the following fundraiser on dcfoodies website. I am not linked to the fund raiser and do not know the Swenson family personally. That being said, I cannot think of a more worthy cause.

Raising a child with Autism includes costs that many families do not face such as speech therapy, behavior therapy, occupational therapy, special equipment and a variety of different doctors and specialist. Educating a child with Autism does not end after they graduate from high school or college. It is a life long process that will change and adapt as the child grows.

You can read more about Autism here, here, and here. If you have any questions about educating autisic children or Autism itself please don't hesitate to pm or email me. I was lucky enough to spend 8+ years working with autistic children and learned more from my students that you could imagine.

I hope you will consider joining the Washington Chef Club About Nothing as they support a worthy cause: one of their own.



Autism Fundraiser Dinner

On Monday November 6th, the Washington Chef Club About Nothing supports one of their own, Jim Swenson, Executive Chef of The National Press Club by throwing a fundraiser dinner. Jim's four year old son Phillip has been diagnosed with autism and these Washington Area Chefs who care so much are helping Jim raise funds for ongoing Educational Needs.

Participating Chefs:

Jeff Buben -- Vidalia, Bistro Bis

Roberto Donna - Bebo Trattoria, Galileo

Katsuya Fukushima - Café Atlantico

Todd Gray - Equinox, Market Salamander

Ris Lacoste

Enzo Livia - Spezie, Il Pizzico

Kaz Okochi - Kaz Sushi Bistro

Brian McBride - Blue Duck Tavern at the Park Hyatt

Francesco Ricchi - Cesco

Jim Swenson - National Press Club

Jason Tepper - La Miche

Bryan Voltaggio - Charlie Palmer Steak

Robert Wiedmaier - Marcel's

Bart Vandaele - Belga Café

Santi Zabaleta - La Taberna del Alabardero

The dinner costs $175 per person (proceeds from this event will go to the Phillip Nathaniel Swenson Foundation to provide educational therapy for Phillip Swenson.) For reservations call 202-213-9913 or Email swensonfoundation@verizon.net.

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I attended the first one of these dinners, and I have to say that from both a heartwarming and an eating point of view, I've had fewer finer evenings.

The last dinner had tables of 10-12 with the chef and assistants preparing a meal for you, tableside. with wine. There was also a stunning service of appetizers, as well as an excessive dessert buffet.

There was also an auction, that featured more time with chefs - I remember a fishing trip (I forget with who) and a food trip to Italy with Roberto Donna.

More importantly, Phillip's mom spoke to us all about her son, and autism - it was a truly touching, and left few dry eyes in the house.

I'd strongly urge anyone to attend!

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Is this going to autism research, or to the family?

According to the post on the dcfoodie web site,

proceeds from this event will go to the Phillip Nathaniel Swenson Foundation to provide educational therapy for Phillip Swenson.
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I sincerely hope that those of you with the time and the means can make it to this tonight. The financial costs of having a child with developmental delays range from merely annoying to ruinous, and many of the most promising therapies are not covered by insurance. Add to that the cost of time needed for care and research and the emotional toll of having a child who is different, and the sum is a family that needs all the support it can get.

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