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 ...Despite having grown up in RI and still visiting several times a year... Also, I always love to promote anything RI-related. 

Then please start promoting coffee milk!  This needs to become a thing in DC.

For anyone not familiar with coffee milk, here's a little explanation.

I've been drinking a homemade version of this for years, without realizing it's a thing with a name (I'm not from Rhode Island).  Grind coffee beans and steep them in water in the refrigerator for two days, strain, freeze in ice cube trays, and store in a zipper baggie in the freezer.  Two cubes in a glass, microwaved at 20% power for two minutes, will melt without warming.  Add sugar and milk and there you go, awesome mid-afternoon buzz on days you don't want a hot beverage.

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Yes! I was looking at a list of new content and my eyes were immediately drawn to this thread. I'll be in RI for Thanksgiving and could pick up some Autocrat for you, but I bet your homemade version is better. How did you find out about the RI and coffee milk connection?

Clam cakes are another amazing RI treat, especially in the summer with some chowder by the beach. I have them at least once every summer. (I try to limit my consumption to once, but I'm not always successful.)

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