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Mythology - Chef Joseph Harran Comes from Bistro Bis, GM Mark Medley Comes from The Atlas Room, 8th and H Street NE

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Mythology is now (soft) open at 816 H Street NE.  The concept has been in the works for years and comes from former Atlas Room GM (and Mark & Orlando's owner) Mark Medley with his business partner Todd Luongo.  Mythology opened quietly last night.  With little fanfare, Mythology lined up the talented Chef Joseph Harran (formerly of Woodward Table, Bistro Bis and Vidalia) to operate the kitchen.  If you don't know Chef Harran (and I did not), note that our fearless leader DonRocks has described him here as "exceptionally talented" and a "Top 20 Chef in the city."  Our preview meal confirmed Don's informed opinion and was quite delicious and well-executed.  We particularly enjoyed the blue crab toast appetizer, the scallops and steak (w/bone marrow) entrées, and the playful "coffee and tea" dessert. 

The second floor lounge area and roof decks of the building and concept remain under construction, but Mythology is open for dinner now and likely to add brunch and the upstairs bar/lounge space in the coming months. 

Some aspects of the Mythology theme were not to our taste, but we will be back again for another very good meal soon.  Mythology is an instant contender on H Street, IMHO -- Chef Harran in back and Mark in front is a very strong combination and elevates  the competition for quality dining here in NE DC.   

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So Mark Medley and Joseph Harran used to work together at Vidalia way back in the day when the kitchen consisted of Chef Buben, Peter Smith, Cathal Armstrong, Joseph Harran and Lisa Scruggs on Pastry. What a Damn fine line-up. With Mike Nevarez running the front with guys like Mark Medley and Doug Mohr on the floor as servers. whew, talent! Good luck to both guys on this journey, both of them are really solid guys.

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