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Safe Travels, Xochitl10!


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13 hours ago, Xochitl10 said:

Joined a couple of friends here for happy hour as the first stop in my farewell tour of DC (hello, beautiful homeland of New Mexico!). Gougeres were as delicious as ever right out of the oven, less delectable as they cooled off. The bartender made a lovely sparkling lemonade with a bit of mint for me as a nonalcoholic alternative to the sauvignon blanc and white sangria with blueberries that my friends were drinking. I hadn't been to Central in years, and while it's not looking as polished as it was when it first opened, I was just as happy there for a drink and a snack as I was back in the day.

Bon voyage, Xochitl10!  I hope you post more about your eats in New Mexico, I loved travelling there and hope to visit again soon.  

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Aw, thanks all! Azami and I are thrilled to finally be moving home, and even happier that our first child will be born a New Mexican like his parents. :) And if I didn't leave DR.com when we went to Japan, I certainly won't be leaving now. ;)

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