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44 minutes ago, Pool Boy said:

I have not been able to find any DC-area Yakitori restaurants. There are certainly some in NYC. Am I overlooking and just missing it if there is one around here?

I don't think so, but my guess is that if the bubble doesn't burst, it's a couple years away, and will need to be very small, minimal, and in a Shaw-like area to survive. They'll need a good sake program as well (the original NYC yakitoris were alcohol-free).

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9 hours ago, dinoue said:

I think this is what Kushi was trying to be, but was poorly executed.

Kushi had a lot of tasty and interesting skewers at first (cartilage and hearts and so forth) but after a short time, they stripped down their menu drastically to only the most standard things, which was a real disappointment.

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